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Risks You May Encounter

Over $5 billion in crypto assets are stolen every year, and everyone's wallet is exposed to a high-risk environment.

Have you ever received unknown tokens?

Hackers often airdrop tokens to specific accounts and guide users to phishing websites. At this time, authorization is required, and this authorization is malicious. Once authorized, all assets in the wallet will be swiped away.

Are you often 'minting'?

Hackers often create a fake website, and when you interact with it, they induce you to authorize various high-risk signatures, thereby transferring your high-value assets.

Do you often invest in 'meme coins'?

Meme coins themselves harbor quite a few security risks, including Rug Pull, high transaction taxes, phishing contracts, etc.

Do you frequently use DeFi?

Contracts used by DEXs like Uniswap are often used by hackers to attack users, stealing all of the tokens users intended to exchange through fake orders and phishing authorizations.

Are you active on major exchanges?

Contracts on NFT trading platforms like Opensea are still a major method of attack by hackers. NFT theft losses account for more than 20% of the total each year, and they are hard to defend against.

Are you active in project communities?

Hackers set up bots on social platforms like Discord/Telegram to post fake information, confusing the real with the false. After users click on the link, they are deceived into wallet authorization and high-value asset transfers.

Comprehensive Wallet Protection Service

From preemptive risk interception -> rapid alerts during incidents -> post-incident theft tracing, a one-stop solution for all your security needs!


Choose the pricing plan that suits you


Basic Package

$9.9/ Month
Basic Plan
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Risk interception extension
7X24 wallet risk monitoring
Visual transaction flow tracking (5 times)
Multi-chain address risk queries (5 times)
Theft tracing service
Wallet authorization check/authorization cancellation
Most Popular

Meme Coin Safety Package

$15.9/ Month
Essential for investing in meme coins
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Includes all features of Basic Package
Token Rug Pull monitoring
Meme coin safety monitoring
Token price change notifications
7X24 customer support

Data Analyst Package

$16.9/ Month
A must-have for on-chain data analysis
Select this plan
Includes all features of Basic Package
Visual transaction flow tracking (unlimited)
Multi-chain address risk queries (unlimited)
Customized wallet monitoring
7X24 customer support

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“Web3 transaction scams have caused serious harm to the interests of individuals and the entire industry. ByteHunter provides a safer and more reliable transaction environment, monitors various security incidents, and promotes the long-term development of the Web3 industry.”
Photo by Radu Florin

Founder of Youth DAO

“Directly addressing the clear needs of web3 users, the features are also very comprehensive. It offers a one-stop solution to many problems in the security field. I would recommend friends to try installing the extension.”
Photo by christian ferrer

Founder of Contri.build

“Safety is of paramount importance. ByteHunter not only prevents risks from materializing but also helps trace asset movements after the fact. This truly achieves a closed loop for web3 safety. For users with high-value assets, this undoubtedly boosts everyone's confidence in web3.”
Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde

Web3 developer



We aim to build a safer Web3 ecosystem from multiple dimensions

Mobile Version Coming Soon
The world's first DApp security browser
A DApp aggregation portal, compatible with various mobile wallets. Built-in security engine to intercept all on-chain risks, preventing them before they occur. Boldly explore Web3!
MetaMask Snap
MetaMask Wallet Security Plugin
Natively integrated with MetaMask, providing users with a reliable on-chain interaction environment, ensuring asset security.
Asset Front-running Service
Lock down hackers and recover stolen assets
Utilize front-running contracts, initiate interception procedures the moment a risk occurs, and recover stolen assets from the hands of hackers.

Latest Updates

Helping every Web3 Builder stay updated with the latest security incidents and risks, preventing issues before they arise.

Are you ready to become an armored hunter?

Web3 is like the dark forest world in 'The Three-Body Problem', filled with endless unknowns and risks.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected a lot of questions users care about, hoping to help you

Does the ByteHunter plugin collect sensitive information?

ByteHunter does not collect any user's sensitive information in any form, including private keys, mnemonic phrases, etc. Additionally, the security plugin is fully open-source on GitHub, and can be directly viewed at https://github.com/ByteHunterTeam/extension.

Is the wallet monitoring feature safe?

We guarantee 100% safety and reliability of the monitoring feature to every user. This function only detects and analyzes transaction risks of the target address, doesn't store any other information, and does not collect any data irrelevant to security.

I purchased the wrong package, can I get a refund?

If you have a refund request, please contact us on Discord or Telegram to explain the reason.

If I purchase multiple packages at once, how is the expiration date calculated?

The price, features, and expiration date of each package are calculated separately. For example, if you purchase the Basic version on August 1st and the Data Analysis package on August 2nd, the Basic version will expire normally on September 1st and the Data Analysis package will expire on September 2nd.